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Wolfe Lab 2018

(Left to right) Igor, Chia-Chien, Hayden, Hazem, Makaela, Anna, María, Eshika, Chantal, Jeremy, Farah, & Nurit
Missing: Iris, Bea, & Gar Wai

Principal Investigator

  • Jeremy Wolfe

    Jeremy Wolfe is the head of the lab. He is Professor of Ophthalmology and Radiology at Harvard Medical School. In addition, he is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT and an Adjunct Associate Professor in Cognitive and Neural Systems at Boston University. He received his AB in 1977 from Princeton and his Ph.D. in Psychology from MIT in 1981. He is married to Julie Sandell (Assoc. Provost for Faculty Affairs, Boston U) and has three sons (Ben-32; postdoc at the MIT CSAIL Lab, to see more of his work click here), Philip-28, and Simon -22. Click here to read his curriculum vitae.

Research Fellows

  • Matthew S. Cain

    Matt received his Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied cognitive control, task switching, attention, and video game players. From there, he got his first taste of visual search, working as a postdoc with Steve Mitroff at Duke University, studying miss errors in multiple-target visual search as well as trying to understand the impact of media multitasking behavior in attentional control. After that, Matt delved into lower-level perceptual-learning processes and how they are affected by sleep in a postdoc with Takeo Watanabe and Yuka Sasaki at Brown University. First, as a postdoc in the Visual Attention Lab and now as a visiting researcher, Matt is once again happily enmeshed in multiple-target search, especially ecologically inspired foraging models and Soldier-relevant searches. Check out his website for publications and other information.

  • Chia-Chien Wu

    Chia-Chien received his Ph.D at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, where he worked with Eileen Kowler on the spatial and temporal control of saccadic eye movements. Before joining the Visual Attention Lab, he also worked as a postdoc with Marc Pomplun at University of Massachusetts at Boston and Arash Yazdanbakhsh at Boston University, studying scene perception, semantic guidance of visual attention and the control of eye movements in Parkinson’s disease. As a postdoctoral fellow in the Visual Attention Lab, he is studying change detection and multiple object tracking.

  • Farahnaz Ahmed Wick

    Farahnaz received her Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, where she worked with Marc Pomplun. Her dissertation topic was top-down and bottom-up biases in visual attention. As a postdoctoral fellow in Visual Attention Lab, Farahnaz continues investigating attentional mechanisms involved in scene perception, multiple identity tracking and visual working memory.

Research Assistant

  • Makaela Nartker

    Makaela earned her B.A. in Psychology and Neuroscience from Ohio State University, where she worked with Dr. James Todd investigating the perception of 3D shape from shading. She also worked with Dr. Julie Golomb studying the interactions between VWM and feature encoding. Among other things, she is interested in human-computer interactions, memory representations, and visual attention.

Visiting Professors

  • Beatriz Gil-Gómez de Liaño

    Bea completed her PhD in 2005 at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) in Experimental Psychology studying attention and working memory interactions. During her Postdoc training she worked with Dr. Carlo Umiltà at Università degli Studi di Padova (2008/2009) studying attention in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients. In 2011 se worked with Dr. Molly Potter at the MIT (José Castillejo Scholarship, Spanish Governement) studying Attention in RSVP tasks, and with Dr. Jeremy Wolfe in 2015 (Fulbright Scholarship), studying working memory effects in visual search. She is also Associate Professor at UAM, teaching Methods in Psychology. From December 2015 to January 2018 she was Vice-Dean of Research and Doctoral Studies at the School of Psychology of the UAM. Now, Bea has been awarded again with a Fulbright Scholarship as Senior Researcher (Salvador de Madariaga) for 6 months, from February to July 2018 in the Wolfe Lab to continue her studies in visual search. She has also been recently awarded with a 3-year Marie Curie Fellowship by the European Research Council, to work in the Adaptive Brain Lab with Dr. Zoe Kourtzi at the University of Cambridge. As a Global Fellowship she will continue joining Wolfe lab for 2 years from August 2018 within a project studying attention and working memory in children. Her main research interest nowadays is to understand how attentional mechanisms operate in a developmental brain, and how they change in typical and atypical development to design new treatments to improve them during childhood.

Visiting Students

  • Raquel Colorado Cajas

    Raquel is a visiting undergraduate student studying psychology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). She received a grant from her university to do research practices in the U.S. She is interested in research topics that include computer science, data analysis, and statistics. In particular, she is interested in data analysis applied to cognitive processes such as perception, attention, and memory.

  • Charles Ludowici

    Charlie is a PhD candidate working with Alex Holcombe at The University of Sydney, Australia. His research investigates how the brain selects and prioritises certain visual events from the constantly changing stream of information provided to the visual system. He studies this temporal selection using rapid serial visual presentation and mixture models (i.e. Goodbourn & Holcombe, 2015). His research intersects with work on attention, visual search and crowding. He is interested in applied and basic research on all aspects of vision, as well as cognition, computational modelling and open science.

  • Aoqi Li

    Aoqi is a visiting graduate student working with Zhenzhong Chen at Wuhan University. She is interested in computational vision, image processing and understanding, as well as human–computer interaction.

Lab Alumni

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Todd Horowitz
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