Visual Attention Lab

Data Sets and Stimulus Sets

Change Blindess (CB) Database

Please have a look at this article for details about the database and the baseline change detection experiments: Sareen, P., Ehinger, K.A., & Wolfe, J.M. (2015). CB database: A change blindness database for objects in natural indoor scenes. Behavior Research Methods. [PDF].

Contents of the database

The CB Database contains 130 colored natural indoor scenes in which random objects appear and disappear. The main database is accompanied by two specialized satellite databases (Window Change Set and Mirror Change Set) in which changes occur to obejcts seen through windows or in mirrors. The two satellite sets are constructed from subsets of scenes from the main database. Change locations are are pseudo-randomly distributed over the scenes. Annotated change size, location, and eccentricity properties for these changes, as well as binary image masks that can be incorporated into experiment code to locate these changes are also provided as spreadsheets with the respective image sets. In addition, baseline reaction times for these changes from change detection experiments are also provided (Sareen, Ehinger, & Wolfe, 2015).

Downloading the database

There are three different sets of images available for download with change properties and masks included in each .zip package:

A) Main CB Database: 130 scenes, each offered left-right reversed. [Download package here].

B) Window Change Set: 12 scenes, each with change of the same object in the same scene, inside the room and out the window. [Download package here].

C) Mirror Change Set: 24 scenes, with changes inside the room and in the mirror. For details about the types of changes see. Sareen, Ehinger, & Wolfe, 2014. [Download package here].

Supplementary images from Ehinger, Allen, & Wolfe (2015):

D) Additional CB images: 50 scenes with object deletion changes and 62 scenes with object color changes. [Download package here].

E) Shadow Change Sets: 96 scenes with changes to shadows or objects in the same scene. For details about the types of changes see. [Download package here].

If you decide to work with these images, we would be interested to hear what you are up to. Please drop a note to