Visual Attention Lab

Jeremy's latest version of the visual search model. Read the paper here!

Welcome to the Visual Attention Lab

PI: Dr. Jeremy Wolfe

Work in the lab focuses on:

Preattentive vision - Studies of the processing of visual stimuli before they are selected by attention for further, more complete analysis.

Attentional deployment - Studies of the mechanisms by which attention selects specific items including studies of how to terminate searches without finding the target.

Post-Attentive vision - Studies of the consequences of attention. Once attention has been deployed to an item and has been removed, what are the persistent effects of that act of attention?

Real-world applications - Studies of visual search behavior in tasks such as airport security and medical screening.

Click here for a lecture by Dr. Wolfe introducing some of our research.

Click here for a recent talk at Bar Ilan University in Israel (over Zoom) on the Guided Search 6.0 model.

Click here for a more general lecture about the human senses, given to HS Students in the CEE Research Science Institute program.

For a talk emphasizing work on medical image perception (and sadly missing the first 10 minutes or so), click here.