Visual Attention Seminar Series 2014





Wed 13th March

Dietmar Heinke

University of Bimingham

Wed 26th March

Matthew S. Cain

Visual Attention Lab, Brigham and Women's Hospital

The Role of Working Memory in Multiple-Target Visual Search

Wed 23rd April

Tapan Gandhi

Sinha Lab, MIT

Face Perception: Nature or Nurture?

Thurs 29th May

Elissa Aminoff

Carnegie Mellon University

Intrinsic Associative Processing in Scene Understanding

Thurs 7th August

Jason Tangen

University of Queensland

Visual Expertise and Identification

Mon 8th December

Carlos Velasco

University of Oxford

Multisensory food (and food-related objects) perception and attention

Mon 6th October

Ruggero Micheletto

Yokohama University

A method for the visualization and interaction of simulated neural networks in real timeĀ 

Wed 8th October

Talia Konkle

Harvard University

Exploring Object Representation: from low-level to high-level features

Wed 15th October

Eli Pelli

Schepens Eye Research Institute, Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Applications of Google Glass for the Visually Impaired

Fri 31st October

Nonie J. Finlayson

Ohio State University

Exploring the depths of visual perception

Wed 12th November

Sam Ling

Boston University

Attention alters orientation processing in the human LGN