Visual Attention Lab

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General Information

The Visual Attention Lab at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston is seeking subjects for NON-INVASIVE vision studies. In our studies, participants look at a computer screen and press buttons to indicate what they see. This is most similiar to a simple video game.

Our Purpose

The purpose of our study is to investigate how information is processed by the human visual system. Questions we hope to answer are 1) What kinds of visual tasks can be performed without attention and what kinds of visual tasks require focused attention? 2) What basic features of stimuli (like color or size) are immediately recognized by the visual system? 3) How are basic features combined to form complex recognizable objects?

Length of Visits

Studies usually last 1-3 hours, and we tell you how long an experiment is apt to last when we schedule you. We love to invite subjects back to do new experiments every couple weeks.We are usually at the lab from 9am-5pm, and we schedule appointments around your schedule.


Subjects are paid $10/hour in the form of a check sent to you in the mail. This check takes on average 4 weeks to arrive. Studies are paid based on an average amount of time. If a study is averaged to take 2 hours, you get paid 20 dollars, even if it only takes you 1.5 hours to finish. Likewise, if it takes you 2.5 hours, you still only get 20 dollars.



  • Must be between the ages of 18-55
  • Must have no history of eye disease, disorder, or injury. This does not include near or far sightedness. If you are near or far sighted, you may still participate if you have 20/25 vision, or better while wearing glasses or contact lenses.
  • Must have no history of muscle disease or disorder, including carpel tunnel syndrome.
  • Must not have anomalous color vision (colorblind).

Where is the Visual Attention Lab located?

We are at 64 Sidney Street in Central Square, Cambridge. To get here: take the Red line to the "Central Square" stop. Walk up Mass Ave towards MIT and away from Harvard. There will be a Blockbuster Video to your left, and then the Fire Department to your right. Sidney St is the first right after the Fire Department. 64 Sidney St is a few blocks up on the Left. We are on the first floor. When you enter the building, there will be a long hallway to your right. We are at the end of that hallway on the left. The WolfeLab RAs are at the back of the lab, on the right.

Link to Google Maps

So you read the above, and are interested in being a subject?!

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